Lots of Color

Fall is a popular time in the Midwest for festivals, and every weekend in September and October is busy.  We’re celebrating apple and pumpkin this-or-that, along with the beautiful autumn colors.


Fall seems to bring out the decorator in all of us, too, almost more so than Christmas.  Here are some decorations, large and small, that can put a smile on our faces, and add to the enjoyment of the season.





Pumpkin grain bin


Teepee, Pumpkins


In the category of fall insects, my favorite is the woolly bear caterpillar.  Folklore says he can predict the weather.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the wider the caterpillar’s rusty-brown segment, the milder the coming winter will be.  I found a woolly bear in the neighborhood recently, and I’m afraid we might be in for a rough winter.

Wooly bear 2

Fall in the Midwest –  enjoy the beautiful leaf colors, the bounty of the harvest, and crisp, cool days!


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