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Cruzn for Sights Rules

I set a one-way limit of 2.5 hours from the starting point as the distance for a day trip.  Anything beyond that qualifies as an overnight.  When planning a stay, it’s easy to check TripAdvisor for a good motel in the area as well as a local restaurant for dinner that evening.

What I’m Looking For

For all the similarities in Midwestern communities, each town has something that makes it unique.  I like discovering that.  I also tend to evaluate a community on its architecture and historic sites, rather than festivals and parades.  Special events only offer a few days of activities, but architecture and many local history sites can be experienced almost year round.

How to Love History

“I don’t like history,” some will say to me.  Unfortunately, a lot of people dislike history because of the way it was taught to them in school.  Memorizing dates and places and names isn’t the most exciting.  A better way to learn history is to ask one word – “Why?”  For example, why did we fight World War II?  Why did we pass Prohibition?  As you answer the question of “Why,” those dates and names and all the other details will fall into place within the bigger picture.

As I’m out traveling to various communities, I’m asking “Why?”   Why did certain people settle in this particular town, or why is there a Frank Lloyd Wright building on this city’s Main Street.  There’s always an interesting story to learn.